There’s nothing like soft, freshly smooth legs. When we think of how much time and money is wasted on shaving, we cringe. And while we’ve thrown our razors out the window, we’re still wondering why waxing is the go-to method for hair removal.


Waxing is over 3,000 years old. Laser hair removal was FDA approved in 1996.

Waxing is an ancient tradition that dates back centuries. From sugaring to hard wax, the process has evolved into the standard regimen for lasting hair removal for ages.

While waxing is popular for a temporary solution, technology has created an efficient and permanent answer to eliminating unwanted hair forever: laser hair removal. Since its FDA Approval in 1996, laser hair removal technology has been the safest, and most effective treatment for permanent hair removal.


For lifelong results, lasers are the most effective solution to unwanted hair. For a lifelong of appointments, waxing is the answer.

Waxing can reduce hair growth with repeated and regular appointments. Pulling the hair from the root slows the return of the hair back to the surface of the skin, creating longer lasting results than that of shaving.

Lasers target the root of the hair follicle and prevent regrowth from the root from ever occurring again. With only a few treatments, you can be completely hair free in less than a year, and for the rest of your life.


It’s no secret that waxing is painful.

Some people can tolerate the shock of hair being ripped from the body, but for most the pain of waxing is always uncomfortable.

A laser pulses in 3 milliseconds, and the hair root is destroyed. The feeling of a pulse is compared to a small rubber band snap. The latest laser technology also uses a cooling mist to soothe the skin for a comfortable experience and almost no downtime.


Leg waxing can cost over $15,000 in a lifetime.

A monthly appointment for 20 years of temporary results can be typical for waxing. Regular payments, tips, and maintenance will add up to an unfathomable amount in expenses without the satisfaction of a lasting outcome.

A monthly payment for laser hair removal costs less than a monthly appointment for waxing. But with laser hair removal, you’ll have permanent results without ever having to worry about tipping or touch-ups. At one affordable price, you’ll walk away with long-lasting results.

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